The old man walks down a dusty old road

And regrets the reason for his iron clad load

The sands of forever will continue to take

The life that he once enjoyed to embrace

The man will continue to walk forever

No matter the road, no matter the weather

For he has been cursed with the Devil’s embrace

and because of his dwellings is condemned to pace

The Earth is but one long memory lane

When all that you seek is fortune and fame.


There is a time in everyone’s life

When the heart feels pierced by an ill-sharpened knife

A wishing for something but happy for nothing

The waves have no shore, the clouds have no break

The wind is deadened, the sun feels so fake

A companion is all that one truly desires

A light that can stand up to solitude’s fires


As the wolf sings his song to the courteous moon

And the dish runs away with his best friend the spoon

I sit and I wonder if my savior will come

She is the light to my fires

Or my soul is undone.